About us

Our ancestors blessed us with the knowledge of yoga and today, we all are aware of its powers and benefits. Yoga is like a medicine that can treat every disease be it chronic or short-term diseases. It helps you to control your mind and body so that you can use your mental and physical strength to the fullest. This makes you different and better than others. You get peace of mind and reach a state of calmness. Anger, jealousy, ego, and other harmful elements of human nature are reduced to a large extent while doing yoga. But, yoga is not that easy to learn and it shows results when it is done correctly and taught by experts.

Viswa Poornima Yoga Centre believes the same as well. They are an organization with about 21 years of experience and is well equipped with professional, qualified, and properly trained yoga teachers and instructors to give you the correct knowledge and the best service. Every yoga trainer here has a minimum of 15 years of experience. We, Viswa Poornima Yoga Centre have also conducted about 50 workshops conducted all over Karnataka and have about 50000 happy followers and students. We believe that human health and mind are two very precious and beautiful creations of god and thus it must not be ruined by teaching wrongly done yoga. Even America is researching the benefits of yoga now, but, our ancestors taught the same about a thousand years ago. So why not take the advantage of the knowledge and live a great healthy and active life.

Why choose us

There is always a question that why should you be a part of our organization? In this digital era, you can easily get what you want from the internet and youtube but why choose us? This is because of the interpersonal communication and interactions and the perfection of yoga. Our teachers and trainers interact and communicate with you to correct you when you go wrong. This is because it has several benefits when done correctly. Some of the benefits are-

Active Heart- Yoga makes your heart healthy. This makes you more active, happier, and more capable of doing more things than before. It also plays a huge role in reducing bad cholesterol and other disease-causing elements.

Skin Benefits- There are a lot of people who use several anti-aging creams to make their skin better but most of the time they face serious consequences. Yoga has a lot of benefits and making the skin better is one of such benefits. Yoga makes your skin more glossy and beautiful.

Burn fat– People choose the gym to shed their fat but, numerous people get busy in their daily routine and do not get time to visit the gym. Yoga helps to burn your fat if done regularly and in a  perfect way.

Bring back youth- Yoga also helps to bring back your youth. It makes you look younger by making your skin look better and nourished.

 Remove back pain- Most of the work in corporate companies and other government offices work in front of their computers all day and thus have back pain. Yoga can be the solution for this. You can reduce your back pain and even completely heal it.

Cleans your mind- Yoga helps you to make your mind calm and clean it from all the negative thoughts and emotions. This makes you healthier than before.

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